A New Beginning for Siberia Bar & Hotel

General, Aug 8th, 2018


Siberia Vodka Bar and Aberdeen City Centre Hotel – The Rebrand

The History of the brand.

9 Belmont Street was reborn as ‘Siberia Vodka Bar’ after closing the doors on the immensely popular diner ‘Radars’ in 1994. Now known for being a trendy bar and grill, focusing on premium drink serves, quirky home-brewed flavoured vodkas and fresh pub grub; this is a go-to for diverse clientele. Under the ownership of Harding LTD and adjoining one of Belmonts most up and coming venues, was the formerly known nightclub ‘Kef’. Transforming in 2008 into a 14 bedroom, 2 serviced apartment hotel, this met the high demand for accommodation as the oil industry boomed in the city. Thus we came to know Aberdeen City Centre Hotel; a boutique hotel with an ideal location and price for both business and pleasure.

Where do we go from here?

Now we fast forward to 2018, with both businesses having sky rocketed to success over the past two decades making a seperate name for themselves both in and around Aberdeenshire. The managing directors have now. decided to revisit both entities resulting in a hybrid creation to capitalise on the knowledge of the ‘Siberia’ brand. Now recognising the customers needs for a one-stop-shop with all amenities on their doorstep, they have formed one identity.

“During the tough times that our fine city and region has suffered in recent years, there has been many businesses, chains and local independents who have been forced to shut their doors. We have been fortunate enough to weather this storm and have emerged with a new ethos and vision that collides with Aberdeens future as a destination for all. It is our hope that we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible experiences and allow them to take advantage of the new opportunities our rebrand will present them.” – General Manager Stuart McPhee

Siberia Bar and Hotel invites you to join them on their new venture. Have the opportunity to eat, drink, stay and connect with the city, all under one significant roof.

Book your night out at: https://siberia-aberdeen.co.uk/bar-restaurant/

Book your night away at: https://siberia-aberdeen.co.uk/hotel/