Siberia Hotel Update

General, Jul 27th, 2020


Siberia Hotel is to remain closed.

To date, our reopening has been a success story; customer experience has been improving daily and our bar operations have been going from strength to strength. It had been our intention from the 30th of this month to reopen our accommodation. Unfortunately, we are no longer executing this plan due to a variety of factors which have impacted the financial viability within this part of the business.

The myth of a staycation boom has failed to materialise. During lockdown our hopes were pinned on the prospect of the general public – who had been stuck inside for months on end – travelling as much as possible and staying wherever they could; this has proven to not be the case. It is our belief that, although the appetite for travel may be strong within urban to rural area trips (or indeed even rural to rural) our hotel environment is not going to benefit from this. Compound this with the international travel restrictions – both long standing and recently introduced – overall covid related worries for the customer, a changing local marketplace in Aberdeen with specific impacts on the oil and gas sector, no events or concerts and even limited demand in occasion visits such as hen or stag dos, we are entering a brand new “normal” within the marketplace and when faced with such low occupancy rates it makes the most sense for us to remain closed for the time being.

Director Stuart McPhee, “This really was not an easy decision to come to – we had even considered a limited operating model of reducing to a weekend service – but unfortunately the numbers just don’t stack up. Our hotel has become a huge asset since recently investing heavily in a refurbishment of our room stock at the turn of the year. This all must now sit dormant until such time as we have the business confidence to bring it back online. We have committed to our hotel staff that they will be looked after in the meantime and we will continue to engage with the furlough scheme for them or, alternatively, move them to help in other departments for the time being. It is our hope that sooner, rather than later we can bring this part of our business back online but regrettably, now just isn’t that time.“

Siberia Bar & Hotel hosts 16 rooms of a variety of types within a prime city centre location in the granite city. These recently refurbished rooms are complimented by an award winning bar and restaurant. It is our hope that in time we will be able to welcome you all back safely.

If this decision effects a booking you may have placed with us please contact OTA, which would be either or Expedia at this stage. If you have any questions for us, please direct them to: