Deal or No Deal

General, May 3rd, 2021


Deal or No Deal 

Well, I’ve gone and taken a temporary hiatus from doing these blogs but the letter we have landed on now for this Sunday is D.

A lot of things in life leave you with an outcome you can perhaps control or predict. In the last year, we have thoroughly had that taken away from us. Understandably so.

But what is the tipping point here? The NTIA Scotland has launched legal action against the Scottish Government on behalf of the late-night economy and understandably so.

This sector has been cast to one side as if dispensable as if somehow it was not needed for society to function as we boiled down to key workers and so on. 40,000 jobs stand to go purely on the basis of the Scottish government’s lack of engagement, route map, or plan of any kind

Everything right now is on hold until a government is formed and that quite frankly is not good enough. No engagement, no planning, given guidance and told to take it or leave it. Even Kate Forbes, finance minister, quoted this week as saying “Pubs can open but without alcohol – so you probably wouldn’t call that a pub”. Words that have us all disparaging, how after a year is this where we are?

You can have queues for miles outside Primark, but a queue outside a pub?

You must take all customers details, but to get into Markies you just fire in

You must remain seated and not interact, but can get in a taxi to get there with others households, or even still talk to each other on the street?

Have a wedding with alcohol (with no guidance on that yet btw either) in one part of a hotel, but a meal in their restaurants no wine for you.

You can pay on any other card machine in any other setting in retail but we are the ones that have to have a cleaning schedule for wiping them down, signing it off, and recording it.

Alongside performing daily risk assessment hoop jumps for what level we can play music at, but you walk into a waiting room of a maternity scan and the radios on full blast?

Hospitality has had to just take it or leave it for the last year in all ways. We’ve complied, we’ve tried, we’ve gone on calls with the government to engage, we’ve opened boxes like on deal or no deal, we’ve gone and now we are edging closer and closer to that final box

What’s in it, time will tell. What will be left of our industry by the time we get to that point?