General, Aug 2nd, 2020


Stuart McPhee


UPDATE: 4th August


Since reopening our venue has taken every single precaution to make sure that our staff feel safe in their workplace; this has been widely remarked upon by all of our customers as to how safe they feel.

Today, we received anecdotal news that there is now a member of the public who has tested positive for covid-19, who visited ourselves on Saturday between 4 and 6pm. We have had no official contact regarding this – from either Aberdeen City Council or NHS Test and Protect – but are putting in place what we think should be done as a result of receiving this news. We remain confident in all of the things that we have in place that we have controlled it within the venue

Regardless of how many procedures we have in place or how many safety measures we implement, we feel that at this stage there is nothing further we can do to keep them safe and make them feel comfortable again.

The bottom line is that, due to the current corona virus cluster in Aberdeen and around bars in general, through no fault of our own, staff do not feel safe in their workplace. Guidance from both local and national governments here is lacking in our opinion and we feel that there is a need for decisive intervention – we are making the decision to control what we are able to.

We have taken the decision to close our venue at this point for 14 days, which we hope will give the cluster a chance to dissipate. All bookings during this time will be cancelled. This is a decision that is intended to keep our staff safe and reduce the risk of any further transmission. We feel like this is the right thing to do in the current circumstances and we hope to be back with you in the near future.


Covid-19 never went away and the news we are seeing currently transpiring from around Aberdeen is clear evidence of that. As a business, since reopening – we have always aimed to go above and beyond the guidelines laid out by the Scottish Government.

Over the last month our customer experience has evolved frequently. At this point, we highly recommend booking a table in advance of your visit (although if we have room for walk-in’s you will be seated). We undertake temperature & track and trace checks on entry before taking you to your table that is positioned in accordance to our revised seating plan & reduced capacity – maximum table size is currently a group of 6.

Our guests have so far followed everything we have asked of them, using our keep left one-way system, following the physical distancing measures, remaining at their tables, not mixing with others and adhering to our systems around smoking and the use of our facilities. Our staff are adhering to strict hand washing protocols (with hand sanitiser readily available throughout the building for all), cleaning schedules and mask wearing while also adapting to a new table-service style.

We are doing our utmost to make sure that we operate in the safest possible fashion but we all have a part to play in this. Our number one priority is keeping everyone as safe as we possibly can, and we hope you all will continue to support us in doing that.

So far the majority of our reviews have been complimentary in relation to our COVID safe procedures and we are hugely encouraged by how safe and comfortable everyone has felt. We would like to thank everyone for their feedback regarding this because without it we cannot continue to improve.

That said, from tomorrow we are adding one additional rule; when entering or moving around the inside of the building, we would encourage all customers, who can, to wear a face covering.