Since reopening our venue has taken every single precaution to make sure that our staff feel safe in their workplace; this has been widely remarked upon by all of our customers as to how safe they feel.

Today, we received anecdotal news that there is now a member of the public who has tested positive for covid-19, who visited ourselves on Saturday between 4 and 6pm. We have had no official contact regarding this – from either Aberdeen City Council or NHS Test and Protect – but are putting in place what we think should be done as a result of receiving this news. We remain confident in all of the things that we have in place that we have controlled it within the venue

Regardless of how many procedures we have in place or how many safety measures we implement, we feel that at this stage there is nothing further we can do to keep them safe and make them feel comfortable again.

The bottom line is that, due to the current corona virus cluster in Aberdeen and around bars in general, through no fault of our own, staff do not feel safe in their workplace. Guidance from both local and national governments here is lacking in our opinion and we feel that there is a need for decisive intervention – we are making the decision to control what we are able to.

We have taken the decision to close our venue at this point for 14 days, which we hope will give the cluster a chance to dissipate. All bookings during this time will be cancelled. This is a decision that is intended to keep our staff safe and reduce the risk of any further transmission. We feel like this is the right thing to do in the current circumstances and we hope to be back with you in the near future.


Note that these terms and conditions are in effect as of the 6th of July and will be reviewed daily.

Now that we have gotten to grips with the first few weeks of opening we look forward to welcoming you all into the bar time and time again for the weeks and months ahead. Unfortunately, our intention had been to add on our hotel side of the business from the 30th of this month. But we do not deem it viable to do this at this stage, and as such it will remain closed for the time being. Head over to the home page for more information on this, and if this effects you directly please email: reception@siberia-aberdeen.com.

Otherwise, the bar will be running things a little differently and will have a safety first approach for Siberia that you will need to familiarise yourself with before arrival. Through the assessment of our own risk and under the guidance issued by the Scottish government, we have to make you aware of the following conditions that will be imposed during your visit:

  • On entry you will have to queue accordingly and enter via Belmont Street using current physical distancing measures
  • When queuing on entry please refrain from smoking and vaping to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Customers are requested that they will need to bring face coverings with them in order to safely use toilet facilities
  • Our Front of house staff will greet you and confirm your booking or take your walk in details
  • Bookings will be restricted in size for the time being to tables of 6
  • At this stage also we will have to confirm names and contact details of all guests in your party, as set out by the First Minister. The details of how we do this and store your information will be made available on our website in due course.
  • A temperature check will be carried out at this stage, and if your temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees entry will be denied to safeguard our staff and other customers
  • Hands MUST be sanitised at point of entry, and frequently throughout your time with us
  • Follow the one way system throughout the building by keeping to your left
  • Remain seated at your table at all times
  • Do not move any furniture as it is positioned to facilitate safe distancing
  • Maintain the required physical distance at all times and follow all signage for instructions
  • Observe smoking rules of the area that you are seated in. If you would like to request a non smoking area then please indicate and we can facilitate where possible, if you have an internal table we will have a designated sheltered smoking area to the rear.
  • Our toilets will be available on a one in one out queuing system that you will be familiarised with signage and capacity
  • Maintain noise levels so as not to exceed a respectful volume and increase the chance of transmission to those around you
  • Orders will be placed either through our app (whenever it is the company finish it) or by table service.
  • We will be undertaking a strict regime of cleaning contact points, toilets and hard surfaces throughout the building.
  • Last orders for your table will be strictly 15 minutes before your departure time.
  • Our opening hours will remain variable as we adapt to our new trading environment, we reserve the right to close earlier than usual at our own discretion.
  • Face coverings are requested to be worn when entering and moving around the venue as of (3/8/20). If you are exempt from doing so please make us aware on entry, if you are unable to do so then we will provide you with a mask as a last resort. We appreciate the effort involved here and hope you will be able to comply.

While we will aim to allow all tables to be with us for a maximum of 2 hours, there is the potential for this to be increased for evening bookings. Please indicate if you wish to do so by contacting us by email. Furthermore it seems there are a lot of duplicate bookings coming through if this applies to you we are afraid that we will have to limit all bookings to one two hour slots to manage the risk to our environment, we hope that you do understand our need to do this in the immediate term, It is hoped that we can relax this over time.

A queue management and one way system will be in place, we will have limits in capacity in each bathroom. Hand driers will be out of use and paper towels will be available, 2m distancing floor indicators will be there for you to use to assist distancing. We ask that when going inside to the toilet customers use face coverings to protect others, and foot pulls have been placed on doors for your convenience. Toilets will be closed periodically throughout the day for cleaning. We trust that our guests will use their best judgement when using these facilities.

Will be Midday to 11pm Sunday to Thursday and Midday to Midnight Friday & Saturday – until further notice.
Our kitchen will be serving food daily with last order for 8pm.

We ask all customers to drink responsibly and play their part to create a safe environment for staff and other guests. Please see guidance for you: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-consumers/pages/tourism-and-hospitality/


We advise that you read through this thoroughly before coming to visit us to familiarise yourself and your group.


Furthermore, at this junction we cannot facilitate guests who are under 18 in any capacity. We also cannot allow any dogs on the premises, and for the time being our disabled lift and access will remain out of action and as such we can allow access for wheelchairs at this time only in our main bar section.


Undoubtedly, we are transitioning from what has been an extremely challenging time towards a time where we begin to learn to live with the virus. As a local independent business, your support and feedback is what we live by. If you think something could be improved, tell us, and equally if you think we have gone above and beyond to cover every base and you are impressed, we would love to hear about this also. We have missed you all and can’t wait to welcome you back, but there will be things that we will need to adapt and change as we learn to deal with operating under our new guidance and conditions.

Any abuse of staff enforcing the guidance will not be tolerated and as such you will be asked to leave the premises, this will also the case for anyone not following the guidance as set out above.



As we are getting to grips with reopening things are changing by the hour never mind by the day as we get the hang of it, so here is some more information for you guys;

– tables that are booked for the maximum of 2 hours, if we can extend your time we will be able to tell you when you arrive

– we will be accepting walk in bookings from now on if we have capacity to do so, please check with our front desk and the length of stay we can offer on these may vary

– our car park section of our beer garden will stop operating at 10pm, we will try to accommodate guests from this area with a table move but this may not always be possible

– if you are intending on cancelling your table or aren’t able to fulfil your booking for any reason please let us know so we can give the table to someone else

– bookings will be given a 15 minute window to with us in the queue to enter or will otherwise be deemed as a no show and their table will be given away

– unfortunately, at this time, there can be no dancing within the venue (for example; our Disco Brunch is intended as a sit-down event)

Should you have any questions, we hope to be able to answer them so please do get back in touch with us via: info@siberia-aberdeen.com and we will get back to you as quickly as is possible.



Please note: discount cards and spree vouchers will not be in used at this time

Please note: at this time these terms apply with the inclusion of our standard terms and conditions. For example: any customer deemed to be too intoxicated to enter the premises will be denied access.