General, Mar 14th, 2021


This is the second edition of a bi-weekly blog by Director Stuart McPhee.

The tides that bind us. We all form bonds as we go through life and the bonds we form in business, sometimes surprise you. It’s been widely criticised that businesses that adopt a family ethos are doing so purposely to try to encourage productivity through collective buy-in. This is something I inherently disagree with.

The bonds we make in business with staff can produce some of the most entertaining relationships you find yourself engaging in. They can equally produce some extremely challenging relationships that help you grow and define yourself.

The bonds you form with those you meet whether that’s your friendly great annual savings rep, housekeepers, the drinks reps, chef, managers, joiner, sparkies, the window cleaner, the posties, the DPD man, DJs, receptionist, drayman… the list goes on.

I always make time for them, I always do it in the confidence that sometime down the future that connection may be useful. Some of the best friends I have in life have been formed through working like this, this is what the hospitality industry is second to none at. It’s always quoted that you have to be a people person to work in it and be successful, it’s my take that you just have to take some time for the people in it to understand it.

Do you feel like you give people the time of day? Could they be the bond that teaches you something new?