General, Feb 28th, 2021


This is the first edition of a bi-weekly blog by Director Stuart McPhee.

So many people at this present moment will be stuck in a state of paralysis, I do not blame them. It is so difficult to see past the cash burn of the day, of the week, the baited media leaks, the botched strategic planning of both Scottish and UK government, the dog’s breakfast of funds on funds attempting to paper over the excluded.

How do you focus and how do you turn that corner to see the road ahead?

My theory is that if we have survived this long, if the economy has limped along this long, then the money invested to do so won’t have been done in vain.

We must find our ambition within that. Look longer term, invest the time we are being given at some to strategise, reinvent, hone and reimagine.

What has lockdown made you realise? What could your business be better at? What could you be better at?

Set those ambitions, work through them, challenge yourself to achieve them.

To date, I’ve hit some unreal milestones in the pandemic. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. I’ve had a baby (the last of the clan), spent more time with my family than I ever have done, When Pippa was born, I was back in the bar within a day and took 3 full days off of what should have been my paternity leave. Made new friends, made new connections, people I’ve met only over zoom who in a phone call would help me out with anything I’m sure.

Iv worked hard locally to connect the right people to make a difference, I’ve positioned myself nationally to once being an unknown to perhaps an annoying Twitter handle. Iv helped found a new drinks company that I believe can go some way to rivaling those that dominate the industry and Pushed my team to do things and achieve things they want to

With the right pieces falling into place, we can push on as a business and thrive post lockdown (whenever that is) and drive on and take advantage of whatever opportunities we can.

For now, we are biding our time

The world is changed,

Where do you see yourself?

How do you get there?